The Run Around Toronto is a 135km run around the perimeter of Toronto, in support of the Red Cross relief efforts for COVID-19. The Red Cross focuses on helping the most vulnerable, which is exactly what we need right now.


Two ultramarathon runners from Toronto: Mark Carey and Claire Heslop. More info below.


May 30th, 2020. Start time to be determined.


All the way around the perimeter of Toronto. See map of the route below.


Please donate to support the Red Cross' efforts to help the most vulnerable. Details below.


The route follows -- as closely as possible -- the perimeter of Toronto. Please see the map below. There are places where the city limits are defined by rivers/creeks and Highway 427, so the route stays as close to those as safely possible -- suggestions on these are welcome.

Mark used Strava to create the route. Here is the route on Strava.

The Runners

Mark Carey

Internet Consultant

Mark has been running ultramarathons since 2013, most recently completing the 160km Bromont Ultra in October 2019. Mark came up with the idea for the Run Around Toronto during one of his long runs around the city.

Claire Heslop

ER Physician

Claire has completed over a dozen ultramarathons, and been on the podium for 3 stage races, in Arizona, Patagonia, and the Australian Outback. Her longest single-stage race was 386km, through the Moab mountains and desert, which took almost 4 days.

John Harrison Pockler

Innovation Consultant

John is an experienced ultramarathon runner, with multiple top 10 finishes and wins to his name. With less than 24 hours notice, John completed the entire distance.


The Run Around Toronto has been featured by:

  • Toronto Star
  • Get Out There Magazine
  • AM640
  • CHFI
  • CBC Radio One
  • Toronto Mike'd Podcast
  • Humble & Fred
  • Canadian Running

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I signup? Given the need to following social distancing guidelines, the Run Around Toronto isn't open for registeration. That aside, if the challenge interests you, please get in touch -- I have some ideas.

How far is 135km? Running 135km is about the same as running three marathons and then doing a 10K.

Will you sleep? No. The goal is to do the entire route in a single effort. We will stop to rest and refuel, and will certainly do some walking as well as running, but we are not planning any naps.


Questions or suggestions?